list of courses taught

2022-2023 Amsterdam University College

900220HUMY: Creative Writing

2020-present International Writers Collective

Level 2 Poetry
Level 3 Poetry

2021 Amsterdam University College

900220HUMY: Creative Writing

2019-2020 Amsterdam University College

900213ACC/HUM: Creative Writing

Sierra Nevada University

(2012-2021) Graduate

513R/523R/533R/543R/553R: The Craft of Poetry Workshop
Eng 513: The Craft of Poetry
Eng 613: Poetry Workshop
Eng 623: Advanced Poetry Workshop
Eng 683: Thesis Production (Poetry)
Eng 690: Thesis Completion (Poetry)
Eng 693: Portfolio Defense (Poetry)
Eng 510: Sierra Nevada Review Editing Workshop
Eng 580R: The Art of Sound
Eng 580R: Architecture of the Page
Eng 580R: Short-Short Stories

(2012-2016) Undergraduate

Eng 205: Introduction to Creative Writing
Eng 288/388/488: Poetry Workshop
Eng 310: Introduction to Literary Publishing
Eng 410: Sierra Nevada Review Editorial Workshop
Eng 380: The Irish Landscape
Eng 381: Language, Thought, and Culture
Eng 101: Composition I: The Creative Process
Eng 102: Composition II: Image and Text

2015-2017   Nevada Public Schools

Nevada Arts Council Poet-in-Residence in K-12 classrooms

2010-2011   Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti

CRTW 201: Introduction to Creative Writing

2008-2011 New England Literature Program, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Eng 473: Topics in Literature
Eng 317: Literature and Culture
Eng 324: Creative Writing

2006-2007 English Department Writing Program, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Eng 125: College Writing: Audience and Argument
Eng 223.011: Introduction to Creative Writing

2005-2006 Grader, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Eng 371: Studies in Literature, 1600-1830, Gorman Beauchamp, Summer 2006
Eng 240: Introduction to Poetry, Joyce Meier, Winter 2006
Eng 315: Women and Literature, Maria Sanchez, Fall 2005

2004-2005  French Ministry of Education, Argentan, France

Intervenant des langues vivantes (English Teacher)

2003-2004 Grader, University of California, Berkeley

Ling 155: Native America Meets the Europeans, Richard Rhodes, Fall 2003